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Whether it's desktop or web applications, our UK based software development team has the expertise to deliver high-quality projects on time and on budget. Very few providers can offer the same level of technical, creative and strategic expertise.

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A consultative approach, complemented by commercially-minded project managers and business analysts, means we can deliver against the most testing and complex integrated software requirements.

Strategic Approach

Our UK team take a strategic approach to all projects and use an agile development methodology to ensure high-quality delivery.

  • We develop software collaboratively, with a focus on the user experience, and our teams are complemented by designers that bring software applications to life and support complex user journeys and workflows.
  • Wattle can take full responsibility for the end to end project lifecycle or we can augment your existing team.

Technical Expertise

Wattle is a full cycle development house experienced in building a wide range of custom .NET applications.

  • We know how to make maximum use of .NET Framework advantages, whether we need to use our skills to build new software from scratch, perform complex integration or migrate a legacy application to the web with ASP.NET.
  • With a broad range of skills, we have expertise in JavaScript, Visual Studio, XML, .NET and ASP.NET MVC technologies, database technologies including SQL Server and provide solutions which run on Microsoft Azure cloud services.

Software Development

Wattle has a proven track record delivering bespoke software application development for companies looking to develop or enhance both desktop and web applications.

  • We have developed bespoke, integrated and standalone solutions to streamline and automate business processes for a range of organisations.
  • From customer portals in financial services and open source intelligence tools for fraud prevention to booking systems for tour operators and integrated membership platforms for professional associations

Systems Integration

Wattle helps you increase productivity and mitigate risk by ensuring your systems operate as a single framework.

We analyse and define your current business processes and implement the most efficient approach for supporting system interoperability. We help bridge the gap between systems and enable you to streamline processes, eliminate bottlenecks, improve efficiency and achieve cost savings.

Augment your Development Team

  • Working in partnership with Wattle can augment your existing team on any project.
  • Collaborative access to our skilled multi-disciplined experts, with experience working across a wide range of projects, will help you strengthen your development capabilities.
  • Whether you’re an in-house team, or fellow IT consultancy or agency, tapping into Wattles’ expertise will help you drive project efficiency, reduce lead times and stay abreast of the latest technologies and methodologies.
Reduce Project Costs

By outsourcing some, or all, of the software development process you can save to 30% on operating costs by working with an expert onshore team.

Improve Speed to Market

Having access to a dedicated software development team, with experience in agile development methodologies, will ensure you get to market before your competitors.

Larger Talent Pool

Ensure you have access to the latest state of the art technology skill-sets and design techniques by augmenting your internal team with external consultants.


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