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uMarketing Suite

uMarketingSuite is an extension of the user-friendly Umbraco CMS. With the uMarketingSuite you can use out-of-the-box functionalities like content personalisation, lead scoring, and 360° profiling. Unleash the marketing potential of your Umbraco website!

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Unleash Umbraco's Potential What is UMARKETING?

The uMarketingSuite is our 'go to' custom Umbraco solution to ensure website visitors find the right content at the right time.

The suite gives you the power to track and understand user audience activity, segment these audiences into specific user personas based on explicit and implicit characteristics, create rich and detailed user personas, and deliver powerful and personalised user journeys to optimise conversions.

Content Personalisation

Not all your content is relevant for all your user audiences. By understanding who your users are you can quickly create specific user personas and user journeys, and only serve content relevant to their particular characteristics and journey phase.

By default, you will have access to a lot of characteristics about your user. Like the time at which they visit a specific page, the location of the user, how they got onto your website, what device they are using, and whether or not they have visited before. These variables can be used for 'explicit personalisation'. With the uMarketingSuite, we use all these variables to personalise your content and make it more relevant to your users.

But what about personalisation based on implicit elements like current clicks, visited pages, and the behaviour exhibited? Based on these, the uMarketingSuite will make a prediction of what the user is looking for and attempt to determine the matching persona and customer journey phase. With powerful, built in algorithms uMarketingSuite ensures this implicit personalisation.

User Personas & Journeys

Ensure relevance in every single step of the User Journey.

Every user, whether existing or new, follows a user journey before conversion happens. Based on their behaviour it’s possible to predict which phase they are currently in. A user viewing a page about membership benefits is in a different step of the user journey than a user browsing your events pages. By determining the correct user journey phase, the user can be tempted into conversion by offering more relevant content. With the uMarketingSuite we’ll make sure the content is easily optimised for just that.

With the uMarketingSuite you can finally go from dreaming about personalisation to actually doing it on your Umbraco website.

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As uMarketingSuite experts and Umbraco Platinum Partners we can help your organisation understand and configure user personas and journeys that ensure rich and personalised user experiences. Get in touch with our team for a demo today.