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Team Spotlight:

Luke Fletcher
Head of CRM

Luke heads up CRM at Wattle, bringing 26 years of experience delivering strategic customer service and CRM solutions. He leads his team in ensuring smooth delivery of MemEx projects that transform the way clients collect, understand, and engage with membership data - enabling them to get the most value.

Hello Luke!

Let us introduce Luke Fletcher, Head of CRM, at Wattle. He's been with us for 5 years and has amassed over 26 years of experience delivering CRM systems, like Microsoft's Dynamics 365, across multiple industry sectors including membership.

Img: Black and White photon of Luke Fletcher, Head of CRM at Wattle
  • Tell us about yourself and your role?

As Head of CRM, I lead the CRM team and deliver a significant part of Wattle's work around its MemEx platform, including the platforms key components like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Apps, and services, like data migration and training. My team covers the full process, from discovery and requirements definition to documentation creation and training. My primary responsibilities include ensuring the smooth delivery of MemEx projects and acting as a management point for my team - ensuring everything runs as expected.

  • What's your background and experience? 

With over 26 years focused on CRM systems and customer service, I have extensive experience delivering solutions across all types of organisations. I've run support desks and managed teams and have even managed some familiar Wattle faces like David Abraham, our CEO, and Matt Ballard, one of our most experience CRM Consultants, earlier in their careers!

  • What do you love most about your role at Wattle?

I love delivering complete MemEx solutions that provide tangible business benefits to membership organisations and enhance the way they work internally and with their members. I'm also passionate about problem-solving and architecting new CRM systems. That's the fun, creative stuff for me.

  • How has your personal life intersected with your professional life?

My personal and professional lives intersect simply through building relationships and meeting people over the years. You inevitably make friends with colleagues, so your profession intersects with your personal life because you are one person.

  • What do you see as the top challenges in the membership sector? 
  • Leveraging the wealth of membership data collected and creating actionable insights.
  • No single source of truth. Most of our new membership clients are using outdated, legacy, siloed systems requiring digital transformation.
  • Underestimating the effort and complexity of member data migration.
  • In your role, how can you help meet these challenges? 

As Head of CRM, I can help meet these membership challenges by developing new MemEx features that help membership organisations leverage their membership data. We are building reporting suites and membership engagement metrics that provide valuable insights from all the data that is collected. This will enable members to spot patterns and trends, identify issues early, and guide decision-making to engage and retain their member base better. I have extensive experience architecting CRM solutions that transform raw data into actionable strategies for membership organisations. With the right tools and visibility provided through our MemEx platform, members can effectively utilise their data rather than just passively collect it. And the more value membership organisations can demonstrate to their members, the more it aids loyalty and retention over time.

  • What's on the horizon from a MemEx perspective that will help our membership clients up their game?

More functionality through integration with the MemEx Member Portal and Power Platform, as well as planning for reporting suites and membership engagement metrics, which can provide valuable business insights to help membership clients up their game. Data is key; enabling clients to use it more effectively, rather than just collecting it, drives improved member acquisition and engagement.

  • And finally, when you're not working at Wattle, what do you get up to in your spare time?

Outside of work, I enjoy reading sci-fi books and am a bit of a techy nerd. I like keeping up with the latest gadgets and enjoy the craft beer scene around where I live. I'm also a sailing enthusiast. For a good sci-fi recommendation, I'd suggest the novel 'Silo', which has been adapted into a TV series on Apple TV. So when I'm not busy at Wattle, you can find me with my head in a good book or out on the water sailing. But I still make time for friends and family - like most people, they are my main focus outside work.


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