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MemEx Member Portal

Drive member engagement from transactional to transformational with the integrated MemEx Member Portal.



Move from transactional member interactions and basic online self-service to a whole new world of transformational member experiences. Designed to enable membership organisations to drive major gains in member engagement and retention, the MemEx Member Portal delivers truly unique and meaningful experiences for members – all in one cutting-edge solution.

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Introduce your members to a whole new digital world.

A world of personalised membership experiences with journeys based upon their unique characteristics, offers and news in line with their interests, access to exclusive and thriving online member communities they can build for themselves, and seamless member to member networking and messaging.
  • Membership profiles and public directory
  • Personalised member journeys with automated renewal and upgrade pathways
  • Online payments and financial transaction history
  • Event and course bookings with personalised recommendations
  • Marketing communications preference management
  • Online communities, committees, and working groups
  • Peer to peer network building, network updates, and messaging
  • Personalised member resource hub and downloads
It's time to empower your members to build their own public profiles, networks, and communities in your portal - not on external social media platforms like LinkedIn or WhatsApp, where you can't track, measure, or monitor member engagement. The MemEx Member Portal leverages habit-forming software features to engage your members and incentivise them to keep coming back again and again.
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Member Profiles

Empower your members to manage their own public member profiles, just like on LinkedIn, and enable them to build out a professional online identity that includes the skills they've learnt from your courses, the qualifications they secured from your exams, the interests they grown from your events and thought leadership, and showcase their wider capabilities to the sector.

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Member Networks

Add genuine member value by giving your members an exclusive area to connect and interact with like minded individuals in their field - your other members. Bring everyone together to foster collaboration on key topics, share best practice and resources, discuss job opportunities, and announce their successes and achievements. A connected community is an engaged community.

Member Dashboard

Enable members to manage their own public profiles and communications preferences via an easy to use dashboard, removing the admin headache, and enabling members to build out professional profiles that include skills, interests, and qualifications to showcase their capabilities. Ensure members undertake self-service member renewals and upgrade processes online, with associated document uploads and declaration capabilities, along with online payment.

Member Journeys

Map personalised member journeys and automatically plot learning and certification pathways, with recommended courses and accreditations that unlock the next level of membership. Enable members to upload, view, and track CPD submissions and receive personalised course and accreditation offers. Map member model journeys and enable members to self-navigate through membership upgrades as they move up the membership grade ladder.

Member Payments

Make it simple for members to track their membership investment with your organisation. Members are able to view their full financial transaction history across membership renewals, upgrades, events, courses, and exams. They can also readily view any outstanding invoices requiring payment, and swiftly make those payments online via the payment gateway of your choice.

Event Bookings

Deliver an in-portal Events Calendar with personalised conference, webinar, and event recommendations based upon member characteristics, alongside full booking and payment capabilities. Include event details, event streams, documents, tickets, and location details. Leverage member network connections to advise members who in their network is attending events.

Course Bookings

Promote courses, qualifications, and exams to members based upon their grade and member characteristics, enabling them to visualise a clear path to career success, alongside full booking and payment capabilities. Include course details, necessary prerequisites, course documents, and date and location details. Leverage member network connections to advise members who in their network is taking a course or exam.
Committees & Groups

Configure online groups including Branches, Special Interest Groups, Committees, Panels, with dedicated hubs for group announcements and updates, member to member chat and updates, meetings, and shared resources and papers. Integrate with popular video conferencing platforms like Teams, Zoom, and GoToMeeting for regular online meetings.

Membership Experience Platform MemEx

Wattle’s Membership Experience platform, MemEx, delivers unrivalled end to end membership management for professional bodies and trade associations. Deploying the platform will enable your organisation to:

  • Accelerate member acquisition
  • Drive deeper member engagement
  • Improve member retention
  • Automate and streamline operations
  • Make smarter data-driven decisions
  • Drive down technology costs

MemEx unifies the membership sectors most popular digital technologies, the Umbraco CMS and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, to deliver a single integrated platform across MemEx Web, Member Member Portal, and MemEx CRM.