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The Next Generation

MemEx is our flagship membership experience platform and we are thriving to make it the best solution the sector. We have a firm focus on continuous improvement and new feature development, to give our customers the competitive edge. 

This page will keep you up to date all of the latest updates from MemEx, helping you to get the most from your solution and understand the benefits for MemEx.

More about MemEx

A Focus On Continuous Improvement

Technology is constantly evolving and if COVID has taught us one thing, it’s that change can be forced upon us at any time, transforming organisations in the blink-of-an-eye.  It remains apparent that organisations with greater technical sophistication and more established, integrated systems, have been able to adapt more quickly in-light or crisis and continue to thrive.


At Wattle we pride ourselves on working with clients to make sure they are constantly ahead of the curve, delivering the technology of the future to prepare you for whatever comes next. We are constantly researching, prototyping and building and wanted to share with you some of our latest development progress and guidance on ways you can make the most of MemEx.


Dynamic Recruitment

Your team are fundamental in achieving organisational goals, with the recruitment of the right candidates perhaps more important now than ever before.  Whilst there may be a multitude of quality recruitment platforms available on the market, most come at a significant cost with limited ability to integrate with existing business systems.

The good news is that we have been hard at work developing a dynamic recruitment module within MemEx. You can now integrate your very own jobs board, with advanced job search features and take applicants through a customisable applications process. The even better news is that all of this data can be stored and managed right where it belongs in your CRM and MemEx installation.



Building Community

Facilitating conversations, networking and knowledge sharing have long been a core role of membership organisations. Whilst the idea of online communities as an alternative to face-face meetings may not be new, many have failed to achieve the ongoing member engagement intended through gaps in technology, poor user experiences or limited functionally.

Having conducted some significant market research over the summer, we believe we have found the perfect formula for online communities, combining conversation streams, break-out areas, user generated content and free chat. This functionality is in development as we speak and we look forward to sharing with you soon.


Direct Debits 

Increasing payment efficiency, is a vital way of maximising organisational revenue. Whilst the majority of membership organisations now benefit from some level of payment automation, we also still encounter a huge number of manual payment processes.

We have been working hard to discover new ways of transforming payment processing including direct debit integration, Go Cardless and the creation of more adaptable recurring payment models to improve profitability.

Optimising your technology

Aside from sharing updates about our latest technology, we want to help you to make the most of the technology you are already using.

Teams and Sharepoint

Teams and Sharepoint have become a pinnacle of our business through 2020, but now that they are embedded in our processes how can you optimise how you are using them?

Whilst Sharepoint and Teams are powerful in their own right, they become even more powerful when integrated with MemEX, your CRM and Portal. Keep track of your contacts and store and link contacts to your records simply and easily. 


Automation and Power Automate

Automation is powerful, removing manual processing and allowing your teams to focus on the tasks that matter most. Power Automate is a sophisticated tool that empowers you to set up your own automation series, from the comfort of your CRM.

Work with us to harness the power of automation, saving time and improving organisational efficiency. Automations can be seamlessly integrated throughout your business systems, helping every department within your organisation to thrive.

Power BI Reporting

In a recent primary research project, we identified that better reporting is high on the agenda for every department across membership organisations. In the past accurate reporting has often been made difficult by desperate business systems and a lack of integration, but with MemEx, joined up reporting is now more than possible.


Using Power BI, our team are able to work with you to create custom reports, aggregating data from a host of different data sources. These reports can be stored and regenerated on demand, making it easy to track and report progress in real time.

What To Do Next?

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