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Team Wattle - Life in Lockdown

With the topic of wellness the key theme for both memcom Interactive and Associations Week, we thought it was about time we delved a little deeper into what the Wattle team have been up to during lockdown.

The reality of remote working has been challenging for most, with limited social interaction and a huge shift in daily routines. We have been inspired to see so many fantastic stories from other organisations.

For the team at Wattle, since the first day of lockdown Directors have put a huge emphasis on wellness. This meant encouraging regular team interactions, promoting group wellness schemes such as Wellness Wednesday, encouraging the continuation of our popular weekly social beer o'clock virtually and more recently initiating the Wattle academy, a weekly opportunity to share knowledge across the business and catch up on the success stories of others.

Now that lockdown rules are beginning to change, we thought this was a perfect time to take a look back and delve a little deeper into what's kept the team busy and well in these challenging times. 

A Creative Flair

Many of the team have unleashed their creative flair with an assortment of artistic pieces.

Rachel Reveley - UX Consultant

Floral design in coloured pen.

Sam O'Connor - Web Software Developer

Pencil and pen drawings are Sam's usual go to, however he is currently in the process of painting team members pets.

Ross Nesbitt - Head of Development

Ross has been a budding pen maker for some time carving with high quality wood. Lockdown has been an opportunity for him to make some pens for the team.

Scott Wiltshire - Developer

Why not use lockdown as an opportunity to build a castle for your cat?

Gardeners World

Like most of the UK, the team have rediscovered their love for gardening. This has been a perfect way to spend time with the family and we have seen everything from vegetable patches through to beautiful flower pots

Luke Fletcher - Head of CRM

Before the family gardening fun could begin, Luke first had to build some new flower beds.

Hannah Ackford - Marketing Manager 

At the start of lockdown Hannah started planting up pots of flowers and fruits to donate to those who didn't have gardens in her family and community.

Rich Worrall - Client Services Director

Rich spent an afternoon planting up a vegetable garden with his children.

Andy Vance - Commercial Director 

If gardening isn't your thing, build a fabulous fort.

Cooking Up a Storm

Cooking is a passion for many of the team, but one that there isn't always time for. Lockdown has provided a unique opportunity to learn new skills and try out new recipes.

Hannah Ackford - Marketing Manager

Jumping firmly on the sour dough bandwagon, Lockdown was the perfect time to make a sourdough starter and some sourdough loaves.

Rose Martin - Project Coordinator 

Perhaps not a budding Mary Berry, but reports were that they tasted better than they looked.

Ross Nesbitt - Head of Development

When KFC closed its doors, Ross thought he'd attempt to crack the Colonel's famous recipe.

Kelly Abraham - Director

Lockdown was the perfect opportunity to start growing fruits and vegetables.

Master Musicians

David Abraham - Managing Director

Dave has gone back to his teenage years and rediscovered his love for playing guitar.

Grainne Blake - Head of Projects 

Its been many years since Grainne played violin. Lockdown has provided the perfect opportunity to rediscover this passion. 

George Woolley - Head of Testing 

George and his band used their creativity to create a lockdown edition of one of their sounds. We especially enjoyed the creative use of toilet rolls.

Keeping Well

We also asked some of the team to provide some of their top tips for keeping well in lockdown and looking after their mental health.

1. Andrew Vance - Commercial Director - Taking exercise and getting outside at lunchtime is a great way of staying energised throughout the day. 

2. Stephen Manley - Membership Consultant - Don't let work and family life merge into one - establish a routine and 'go to work' between set times. 

3. Rose Martin - Project Coordinator - If you would like a productive day working from home, do your morning exercise before logging on. 

4. George Woolley - Head of Testing - Try to keep with a routine. Exercise, work work work, go outside for five minutes, work work work, lunch, work work work, go outside for 10 mins, work work work, then finish work. 

5. Sam O'connor - Web Software Developer - Treat yourself to the little things. Run a nice cool bath, get an extra bottle of beer you like, cook a nicer meal than you usually would and spend more time on your hobbies than housework and cleaning. 

6. Kelly Abraham - Director -  Take regular breaks from your computer screen and where possible go outside for some fresh air. 

Want to hear more from the Wattle team? Take a look at our blog or contact us at info@wearewattle.com


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