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Wattle form Strategic Partnership with NOAH

Wattle, renowned for delivering digital transformation for membership organisations, is set to embark on a strategic partnership with the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH), a leading advocate for the UK animal health industry. The strategic partnership aims to revolutionise NOAH's digital systems landscape and enhance member engagement.

Over the coming months, Wattle will focus on onboarding NOAH's existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) CRM system, originally implemented by Trillium, and within a longer-term framework, develop a roadmap for ongoing D365 development and explore the potential of a new, feature-rich member portal based on Wattle’s MemEx Member Portal.

Dawn Howard, Chief Executive, National Office of Animal Health.

"NOAH represents the UK animal health industry, promoting the benefits of licensed medicines and solutions for the health and welfare of all animals. We are very excited to be partnering with Wattle and looking forward to working with them on onboarding our existing CRM. We have chosen to work with Wattle based on their proven knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and their experience working with many different types and sizes of trade associations. We are very confident and look forward to working closely with Wattle, incorporating their guidance and expertise into developing our systems to make our internal processes more efficient and optimise our membership's benefits over the coming years."

Empowering Digital EVOLUTION

NOAH's role in advocating for responsible animal medicine use and representing the industry to UK regulatory bodies is crucial for the sector's progress. Wattle's proficiency in digital transformations will play a pivotal role in boosting NOAH's operational efficiency and enhancing member experiences.

The partnership will begin with a comprehensive onboarding phase, where Wattle will align closely with NOAH's strategic objectives. This phase will be followed by an extensive review of the organisations current D365 system from Trillium, comprising technical analysis and system integration reviews, aiming for seamless and effective transitions.

Future-Oriented Digital Solutions

Andrew Vance, Chief Commercial Officer at Wattle, said:

"We aim to use both our membership experience and digital solutions expertise to support NOAH's vision of efficient internal processes and enhanced member services. This partnership exemplifies our dedication to providing sector leading digital transformation services for membership organisations."

NOAH's proactive decision to enhance its digital presence with Wattle's support highlights its commitment to advancing the animal health sector in the UK. This partnership promises to set new benchmarks in member engagement and operational efficiency, strengthening NOAH's position as a leader in the industry.

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