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Technology and a 360° View

Digital Transformation continues to be a major priority within the membership sector, with as many of 40% of membership organisations yet to embark on any major change programmes. With pressure mounting to meet the needs of modern-day members and more technically savvy stakeholders, how do you make sure you make the correct choices when it comes to technology and transformation strategy?

360° View​ Digital Transformation Strategy

As a company that specialise in digital transformation for membership organisations and not-for-profits, digital transformation strategy is a topic that we are incredibly passionate about. We understand the cost and investment required at every level of an organisation to make these initiatives a success and want to discuss some of the most common and costly mistakes to help organisations better prepare for large scale technical change.


During our webinar we are going to discuss a range of key topics that are likely to impact your development strategy, these include:

IT vs Business decision making?

Digital transformation is a large scale process that impacts an organisation at every level. Every department has different priorities and different specifications for technology,  but who makes the ultimate decision when it come to selecting the technology and approach?

The problem is typically that everyone wants different things from business technology and so the decision making process can cause conflict and result in some compromises, either from IT or business teams.

So who’s decision should it be and why? 

Technical approach

Choosing your technology stack

There may not be a right or wrong answer when it comes to technology stack, but there are some significant complications associated with mixing two different technology stacks whilst maintaining a single source of truth and a streamlined user experience.


So what is the starting point and how do you get the perfect pairing of CRM and CMS?

Future-proofing technology

When It comes to digital transformation, membership organisations are increasingly focused on implementing change strategies that take them far into the future. The only way to make this happen is to develop a joined up technology strategy that considers the future now, and focuses on creating a solid technical foundation focused on continuous development. 

What does a futureproof technology look like?

Future technology

Customising or starting over?

Digital transformation is a high cost and time intensive process, so it is no wonder that the majority of membership organisations would prefer to adapt what they have than start from scratch. The problem with this is that the short term cost savings made by opting for this approach, often results in much higher costs further in the longer term. 

Can you build on your existing infrastructure or should you start over?

Third Party Integration

There are thousands of fantastic software systems on the market, including solutions like Mail Chimp, Eventbrite and Xero. They offer slick user experiences, rich functionality, have a global user base and most importantly are developed to solve a very specific problem. Increasingly the integration options with such solutions are incredibly flexible, but the key question to ask is whether these solutions fit with your long term technical strategy or whether in-built functionality would offer you a more powerful and holistic data view? 

Should you keep your favourite software solutions that sit outside of your core systems infrastructure or is it better to find alternatives that are entirely integrated and allow for more connected data flows?

The Single Source of Truth

A single view of data, the organisation and every member interaction is a desirable outcome for every large scale transformation initiative, but what is the road map to get you there? 


How do you achieve the all important single source of truth and more importantly what compromises will you have to make to get there?

Want to find out more about how you can achieve a 360° organisational view? Take a look at our webinar delivered in partnership with memcom.

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