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Soil Association select Wattle for new COOL FOOD Pro Website

The Soil Association, a charity that digs deeper to transform the way we eat, farm and care for our natural world, has selected Wattle to deliver an innovative new Website for its cross-channel COOL FOOD Pro Carbon Reduction programme.

Wattle will form a digital partnership with the Soil Association, and its EU partners, to discover, design, build and support a multilingual Umbraco CMS Website, with associated Member Portal for participating French and UK Caterers, and seamless integration into the COOL FOOD Carbon Calculator Web App Tool.

The Soil Association is the charity that digs deeper to transform the way we eat, farm and care for our natural world.

They want to live in a world which is in balance with nature and a future with good health and a safe climate. In order to achieve that, their mission is to help everyone understand and explore the vital relationship between the health of soil, plants, animals and people. Campaigning, educating and helping everyone to grow better together.

They are a lead partner in several programmes working directly with communities to deliver positive change in food and farming, including: Innovative Farmers, Sustainable Food Places, Food For Life Get Togethers and more.

COOL FOOD Pro is an Interreg funded project led by the Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO) and supported by UK partners Soil Association and PECT, and French partner Maison de la Bio.

The project aims to increase sustainability, food security and public well-being through public and private sector catering across the France (Channel Manche) England Programme area.

The project will develop a free, low-carbon web app for caterers, to measure the real time progress of their CO2 savings. It will be supported by a customised program for roll-out in schools, canteens, hospitals, and workplaces. As a result, the project seeks to promote long lasting change through the purchase of organic, local and seasonal produce, the reduction of food waste and packaging and the introduction of plant-based meals, supporting the Soil Association’s focus on the climate impact of food.

Over the next year Wattle will work collaboratively with the Soil Association, its EU Partners, and Caterer users to develop both alpha and beta versions of the COOL FOOD Pro website with the aim of a final launch in September 2022.

Key outputs of the project include:

  • WCAG compliant multilingual Umbraco CMS v9 website for the project's beneficiaries and audiences.
  • Powerful member acquisition and engagement experiences enabling UK and French Caterer Members to automatically sign up, manage their Member profiles, interact with the Carbon Calculator, and download personalised Carbon Reduction Toolkits.
  • Seamless integration with a real-time Carbon Calculator to showcase the project, its progress, and its CO2 reduction impact.

We look forward to sharing future updates about projects with the Soil Association. To learn more about how Wattle can support your membership or charitable organisation, contact our expert team today.


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