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Wattle is excited to announce the return of Ross Nesbitt as the new Technical Director, strengthening our senior management team with his extensive expertise and innovative vision. 

A New Era of Technical Leadership

After a transformative year with Civica, a global leader in public-sector software solutions, Ross brings a wealth of knowledge and a fresh perspective to Wattle's operations. His role at Wattle will encompass strategic oversight of our technical direction, leading the development and integration of our technologies to enhance our membership experience platform, MemEx.

Ross's appointment is pivotal for Wattle as we seek to expand our technological capabilities and further solidify our leadership position in providing membership experience solutions.

Extensive Expertise and Vision

With a background that spans over two decades in technology and development, including significant roles at WorldPay, Civica, and notable Bristol agencies, Ross is well-equipped to drive innovation and efficiency across our operations.

During his previous role at Civica, Ross excelled in using technology to boost company growth, transitioning from a Senior Developer to a Development Manager in record time. His efforts were instrumental in transforming technological processes to support business objectives and customer needs better.

Innovating for the Future

A shared vision for technological excellence and innovation drives Ross's return to Wattle. His commitment to enhancing internal IT systems, including integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Loop, and Copilot, and exploring the potential of headless CMS and composable architectures, is set to propel Wattle forward in our mission to deliver superior membership experiences.

Ross Nesbitt said, "I am thrilled to rejoin the Wattle team at such a crucial moment. The opportunity to lead our technical direction and work on integrating and innovating our systems is incredibly exciting. I will focus on using the latest technologies to improve our internal processes and enhance our clients' products and services. We're at the forefront of developing solutions that can significantly impact the membership experience, and I'm eager to contribute to our next growth phase."
"Ross's proven track record in leading technology-driven growth and his forward-thinking approach to product development make him an invaluable addition to our team," said David Abraham, CEO of Wattle. "His deep understanding of the technology landscape and his ability to translate this into actionable strategies will be crucial as we continue to innovate and meet the evolving needs of our clients."
Beyond the Office: A Glimpse into Ross's World

Ross's passion for technology extends beyond his professional life, with interests in computing from a young age and hobbies that include crafting steam engines and metalwork. This blend of technical prowess and creativity embodies the spirit of innovation that Wattle champions.

As Technical Director, Ross is poised to unify and lead Wattle's technical teams towards achieving our goals, enhancing our product offerings, and delivering exceptional value to our clients. His appointment marks an exciting new chapter for Wattle as we continue to push the boundaries of technology to create engaging and effective membership experiences.


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