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Webinar: Digital Transformation - Managing Change at Speed

There is no question that many membership organisations are already engaged in, or have a strategy to engage in, the digital transformation process. But where do you start your journey, what approach do you adopt, who should be involved, what technology do you deploy and, most importantly, how do you deliver that transformation on time and on budget?

In this webinar, delivered in partnership with memcom, Wattle Managing Director David Abraham discusses digital transformation in detail, focusing on key milestones, the project process and how to deliver large scale change at speed.

Underpinning the session is a practical case study outlining how the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb), a professional association with over 16,000 members across 149 countries, delivered a highly ambitious digital transformation programme successfully at speed, and in a period of just 12 months.

Key session takeaways

  • Why managing change at speed matters?
Whilst putting off transformation agendas may have been possible in the past, technology is moving more rapidly than ever before and so are members expectations. Short term savings made by waiting will result in higher costs further down the line, with lost members, loss of competitive advantage and subsequent challenges made by having to rush transformation to keep up, often without a long term strategy.

  • Buy-in across the organisation is a must
Transformation cannot be a project isolated to key personnel or a single team, instead it needs to be a process that involves the entire organisation and addresses the complex problems faced by each department. An internal discovery process that includes workshops, interviews and technical reviews, provides a great way to involve the entire organisation in the early project phases. 

  • The importance of a dedicated team
Although it can be tempting to try and utilise existing internal resource to facilitate and coordinate change efforts, this can often be at the detriment of the project outcomes. Digital transformation is a huge commitment and a full time investment. Having a dedicated team and the right digital skillset can ultimately be the difference between success and failure.

  • Establishing supplier relationships 
Digital Transformation partnerships are long term partnerships and therefore making the right supplier selection has a hugely significant impact on your long-term project outcomes. The key to getting this right is having a phased approach to your selection. Focus first on understanding the type of solution you need, secondly get to know the organisations working with these technologies or approaches, finally create a short list based on who you think best fits the long term needs of your project. 

  • Strategy is everything 
No matter what level of change you are making, start with a clear strategy focused on your long-term objectives. No technology or innovation is useful if it fails to solve your organisational problems.


CIArb set out on an ambitious 12 month transformation programme, comprising a total digital systems overhaul, and focused on IT landscape wide systems integration to provide that all important 360° membership view. There were many challenges to overcome and an ambitious timeline to contend with.

Key Outcomes:

  • Phase 1, including new website, member portal and CRM, was in place within 12 months.
  • The digital transformation project paid for itself within 6 months of go-live. 

Learn more about the CIArb digital transformation programme.


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