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Demystifying AI for Membership Organisations

Watch the free Webcast on-demand now and download the accompanying learning resources.

We were delighted to attend and speak at the latest MemberWise 'Membership Solutions Day' in London, and present a related Webcast, on the topic of Demystifying Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Membership Organisations.

Our CEO, David Abraham, delivered two insightful sessions demystifying AI and clearly illustrating how this emerging technology can be leveraged to drive new member acquisition. He openly discussed what AI can and can't do for membership organisations, and showcased real examples of AI in action to highlight its practical applications for membership acquisition.

Feedback from both events was very positive and, in response to popular demand, we are now happy to share both the Webcast for your viewing and our presentation – which includes the much sought after prompts we used to query ChatGPT!

Watch the webcast now, and download its accompanying learning resources, and witness AI's capacity to plan and implement a membership acquisition campaign from start to finish.

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