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MemEx Ownership & Licensing

The traditional model of software licensing can represent a real risk and substantial ongoing cost to a membership organisation. Not only are you committing to an ongoing plan of license payments, you are also binding your organisation to a specific supplier for as long as you utilise their software, with no viable exit strategy. If you want out, can you take the software with you? Or do you go through the pain, risk, and expense of another supplier selection process and system implementation?



What’s different about Wattle and our MemEx platform?


The MemEx platform is not a proprietary system or a defined software product. Instead, MemEx is a set of membership specific features and functions, termed MemEx Accelerators, configured on top of two of the membership sectors most popular SaaS technologies.

Umbraco – the globally supported open source content management system for websites and portals. Dynamics 365 – Microsoft’s globally recognised and supported CRM platform. Each MemEx Accelerator can be configured to your specific needs and, if an Accelerator doesn’t exist for a specific feature of function, can be developed meet those requirements.


No Ongoing Licensing Fees 

Except for licensing fees due to Microsoft for Dynamics 365, and the providers of any 3rd party tools included during implementation, there are no other license fees. We do not charge ongoing license fees for your continued use of MemEx.

Own the Technology Outright

Once the MemEx platform has been configured to your specific requirements and deployed, your organisation takes full ownership of all MemEx Accelerators, their source code, configurations, customisations and any and all related intellectually property.

Supplier Agnostic Platform

Both Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and the Umbraco CMS are supported by large and strong global partner ecosystems. Any official Microsoft or Umbraco partner, with the requisite technical capability, should be able to assume ongoing support and development responsibility for MemEx. If, for any reason, you decide your partnership with Wattle is no longer beneficial you can leave and have an ample choice of new partners.


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