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What is MemEx?

MemEx is Wattle’s proven ‘Membership Experience’ Platform, delivering unrivalled end to end membership management for membership organisations of all types.

MemEx unifies two of the sectors most popular cloud technologies, Umbraco's CMS for website and member self-service portal development and Microsoft's Dynamics 365 CRM for end to end membership management.

Membership Website

Website and member self-service portal elements of the MemEx platform are developed using the proven Umbraco CMS, and will provide your members with demonstrable increases in membership value whilst offering your organisation the ability to increase online membership conversion rates.

The platform will enable you to create an engaging online presence, by tailoring content to individual preferences and offering comprehensive online management to your members.

Membership CRM

CRM elements of the MemEx platform are developed using the proven Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution. Dynamics 365 is a fully integrated customer relationship management system configured by Wattle to help membership organisations more effectively retain members and develop profitable and engaged relationships with them.

With a feature rich suite of sales, marketing and customer service modules, Dynamics 365 provides a single platform for all staff to manage ongoing relationships with members.

  • Self-Service Portal
  • E-commerce Facility
  • Directories
  • Knowledge Hubs
  • Blogs


  • Digital Analytics 
  • Online Surveys
  • Document Management
  • Forums
  • New Hubs


  • Membership Recruitment
  • Membership Management
  • Membership Renewals
  • Marketing Management
  • Event Management


  • Financial Management
  • Education & Training
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • Case Management
  • Systems Integration


Why MemEx?

Accelerate Member Acquisition

Convert visitors into paying members with MemEx. Visitors to your site are encouraged to engage with your organisation, increasing opportunities for conversion, while still providing an informative and engaging digital experience.

  • Enable prospective members to engage with you seamlessly online and via mobile and tablet devices, enabling you to create a single piece of content across all devices.
  • Refine online member recruitment process and enable online payment and integrated sign up ensuring new membership is quick and easy.
  • Enhance and personalise online user journeys based upon audience type and personal details.
  • Offer high value content assets in exchange for free online registration and build an engaged prospective membership base.

Drive Deeper Member Engagement

Personalising content based on individual member preferences, and offering a comprehensive online self-service portal, delivers a richer experience to your members improving both loyalty and retention. 

  • Use powerful analytics capabilities to create a picture of individual member behaviour.
  • identify inactive members and recommend additional value-added content like events, training and certifications.
  • Measure and understand online member engagement with powerful website and CRM analytics.
  • Develop an accurate picture of how your website is being used, track visitor paths and identify top performing content.
  • Identify the improvements needed to drive online membership growth and value with automated custom-built reporting dashboards.

Integrate with Key Systems

Our technical consultants can help optimise your business processes, through the streamlined integration of MemEx with related systems. Whether it’s your existing CRM system, accounting package, analytics software, social media accounts or an e-commerce platform, Wattle will ensure the MemEx platform is seamlessly integrated.

We help bridge the gap between systems and enable you to streamline processes, eliminate bottlenecks, improve efficiency and achieve cost savings.

Why Wattle?

We are a trusted technology partner for many national and international membership organisations. Wattle have a proven ability and track record of enabling our clients to leverage the MemEx platform to help them acquire, engage and retain members. With many membership organisations wary about the high ongoing cost of software licensing and long-term supplier contracts, Wattle have broken the mould with its MemEx platform.

IP Ownership

Own the technology outright

MemEx is based upon the open source Umbraco CMS and the globally recognised Microsoft Dynamics 365 system. You own the IP and are free to move to a new supplier should you decide to move.


No Licensing

Stop paying license fees

Once configured to your requirements, and deployed, there are no additional license costs for MemEx. The platform is not a proprietary system and you are not dependent upon Wattle for your continued use of the solution.



One supplier one solution

A single seamlessly integrated platform, comprising Website, Portal and CRM, based on Microsoft's reliable .NET technology stack, from a single supplier with the in-house onshore ability to develop and maintain for the future.



Remain agile and evolve

Our bespoke blend of ongoing support, development and consulting services, delivered on-demand and cost effectively, ensures your MemEx investment continues to evolve, adapt and improve.


MemEx Support

Wattle’s Managed Service Subscriptions for MemEx provide a bespoke blend of ongoing support, development and consulting services on-demand and cost effectively.

MemEx Hosting

We cloud host MemEx on Microsoft Azure, enabling us to rapidly deploy the platform, with the ability to scale well beyond the required usage parameters and continuously monitor uptime.

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MemEx Roadmap

Wattle foster long-term partnerships and provide expert assistance scoping requirements, mapping business processes and planning an overall system roadmap for the future.

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