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Education & Training Foundation

Long-term strategic development partnership involving the transformation of SET, ETF's membership specialist membership organisation. Following this there will be a broader digital infrastructure project focused on consolidation and optimisation of the entire group of ETF websites.

Strategic Delivery partnership Transforming Member Experiences

The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) is the government-backed, sector-owned national support body for the further education and training sector. They are the guardians of professional standards in the sector, supporting teachers through each step of their professional journey.

Wattle were selected as the ETF’s strategic technology partner to deliver an extensive digital transformation programme, termed ‘Transform’, and centred around the adoption of a single Umbraco CMS (website and membership portal) and Dynamics CRM platform.



The programme began with an extensive discovery exercise. Discovery enabled the dedicated Wattle project team to gain a contextual understanding of ETF’s organisational objectives, functional requirements, and member processes and personas. The process also defined a strategic plan for delivery including design, UI / UX, content architecture, website, portal and CRM.


Implementation began with an extensive design, UI / UX and content definition phase. This work resulted in the remapping of ETF’s proposed website architecture, navigation and content, based on the findings from user research and member interviews.

The strategy for development started with a gap / fit analysis of ETF requirements against the existing functionality of MemEx, our membership experience platform. MemEx formed the baseline functionality framework for ETF’s build. The development process then consisted of the configuration of MemEx, across website, portal and CRM, and the customisation of the platform to fit the specific needs of ETF. 

Bespoke Functionality 

ETF’s unique requirements drove the development of several bespoke features including:

  • Automating the membership upgrade process for members upon completion of qualifications.
  • The ability to automate the recording and tracking of member level CPD by activity type and time spent.
  • The development of a Professional Status Register, where members applying for teaching roles could automatically be assessed online by the respective hiring educational institution.
  • The ability for members to download certified badges, for use within digital communications and documentation, demonstrating their professional status.
  • Member access to a comprehensive set of educational resources, for continued professional development, that can:
    • Be filtered by a range of parameters i.e. member type, teaching topic, location etc.
    • Tailored based upon a member’s interests and engagement history.
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