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Umbraco Websites for Membership Marketers

Umbraco empowers you, as a Membership Marketer, to create awesome content and take your membership organisation's website performance levels to new heights.

Content Management made Simple

Umbraco is an open-source CMS, which powers more than half a million websites online.

Membership organisation websites come in different shapes and sizes, with different needs and requirements; that's why Umbraco is kept neat and open for just that reason. Content should be easy, simple, and friendly to create and edit. After all, your website is the face of your organisation, so it deserves the best.

Below we take a look at how Umbraco excels with intuitive workflows, social media and SEO, integrations, and previewing content, and integrates with other business critical systems to take it a step even further.

An Editor workflow that works for you

Umbraco have worked hard to make an editing experience that fits your natural workflow. Once you’re in the zone and the creative juices are flowing, nothing should be overly complicated or stand in your way.

Integrated workflows in the Backoffice ensure that you and your team won’t get interrupted and can always stay focused on the context and the content you are creating. Create a page, add text, upload and crop images perfectly for the page and write catchy SEO titles and descriptions - all without leaving the page you are working on.

International membership? No problem

Translating pages can be a tough job.

With built-in functions to help manage multilingual content, it has never been simpler to add, update and edit various languages in Umbraco. With the introduction of Language Variants you can manage multilingual content directly in Umbraco. Add new languages in minutes, translate from one language to another by the help of the side-by-side editing mode and set up mandatory languages and a default mother language in order for your content never to be empty or forgotten.

Preview before you publish

Once you’re ready to publish, you never have to be scared of how it will look for your members - no matter the device they use. Does the content in the editor look as expected on the page? Are your images going to align properly on tablets? Will your headlines break down to multiple lines on smartphones? With the powerful preview feature, you’ll always be able to preview your content on multiple devices before publishing, so it looks great across all screens.

The unique Responsive Preview gives you previews of how your content will look on desktop and laptop screens as well as portrait and landscape view on tablets and mobiles. Be confident when you press “Publish” and know you don’t have to spend time afterwards on fixing how it is presented on the page.

Be seen on Social Media and rank higher on Google

With a CMS that fits your workflow, you'll be able to create more and better content. Once you’ve hit publish, it’s time to get your content shared with the world, and most importantly, seen. Sharing on social media is easy and efficient, with fields to add Social Media OG Tags and Cards.

Umbraco has all the technical features for you to optimise your technical and on-page SEO, so you can get better search engine rankings. Fill out title tags and meta descriptions that are the proper length, add noindex and nofollow to your pages, avoid duplicate content with canonical tags, and get your pages indexed with XML sitemaps.

Did you change the URL of a page? No worries! The built-in redirect management will add a 301 redirect automatically and let you manually add more. Once your content is published and shared it's easy for your data team to add all their tracking scripts, so they can do data-driven marketing with the analytics tool they prefer to use.

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