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Umbraco Version 8 – What’s new?

Umbraco 8 sets the new standard for the next generation of websites powered by Umbraco, and gives you a faster more intuitive user experience when creating, extending, updating, browsing and editing websites.

Umbraco is a content management system (CMS) known for its flexibility and great editing experience. It’s rated as the number one Microsoft .NET open-source CMS, is the CMS of choice for hundreds of membership and charity organisations and underpins the website and member portal capabilities in our Membership Experience Platform – MemEx.

Umbraco 8 is a new major release of Umbraco CMS that will set new standards for the next generation of websites powered by Umbraco and the experience of working with Umbraco for both developers and content editors.

It’s the fastest and best version of Umbraco and a big step forward in making Umbraco even simpler for our clients to work with; simpler to extend, simpler to edit, simpler to publish - simpler to use, simpler to enjoy.

What’s new in Umbraco 8?

In this new version of Umbraco, you will find great improvements to the editor experience as it will be a lot simpler to work with the Umbraco back office with the introduction of Infinite Editing. Umbraco 8 also includes native support for multilingual content with Language Variants, and you will also find a new extension concept called Content Apps allowing for easy content-aware functionality to be added to Umbraco. On top of this, Umbraco 8 includes several technical improvements including a brand-new cache system, great performance enhancements and upgrades to the codebase.

Stay on Track with Infinite Editing

The ability to create smoother workflows for editors so you can work in Umbraco completely uninterrupted.

Create smoother workflows for content editors. Workflows that are uninterrupted and that simply makes sense. No more jumping between menus, tabs or content. With this built-in and customisable functionality, you’ll never lose track of your context as updating and creating new content will become frictionless and more gratifying.

The experience of Infinite Editing is a fluent support for “zooming” into every detail of each content element without ever losing the big picture. Whether you're creating advanced landing pages that combine blocks of content with personalised media assets or building flows of content for a chatbot, Infinite Editing will be your friend and ensure you’re neither limited nor lost in the jungle of content.

Manage Multilingual Content

With built-in functions to help manage multilingual content, it has never been simpler to add, update and edit various languages in Umbraco.

With the introduction of Language Variants you can manage multilingual content directly in Umbraco. Add new languages in minutes, translate from one language to another by the help of the side-by-side editing mode and set up mandatory languages and a default mother language in order for your content never to be empty or forgotten.

  • The ability to switch between languages in preview mode for easy comparison.
  • Side by side mode when editing two different pieces of content at the same time.
  • The ability to set up mandatory languages. So, if your main markets are Germany and Sweden, you can create a rule that content for both languages must be in place before you can publish.
  • The ability to choose which content variants (i.e. languages) to publish.

Improve your content with insightful Content Apps

Get the ability to improve your content with insightful data and tips that’ll support your editors in their work in Umbraco and help them create outstanding content.

To increase the focus on great content in Umbraco a new extension option called Content Apps is introduced in Umbraco 8. Content Apps are available as part of the content node, making it easy to use the apps while you create, edit, publish and update your content in Umbraco.

A Content App is intended to be a companion to your editing experience which means that a Content App is not directly part of the editing experience but can give you information and feedback on the content you are creating as well as statistics and results of the impact of the content you have published.

It can even bring you suggestions on how to improve your content while you’re creating it. No need to jump to external platforms or checklists to get these insights - now you’re able to get it right where you need it. Thus, Content Apps will be a “content companion” that will save you time, help you create better content and even prevent mistakes from happening. How friendly!

The CMS interface has also been made even more intuitive than Umbraco 7 and, for developers like us, Umbraco have delivered a huge clean-up of the codebase. It has also made the Umbraco CMS more stable and improved performance.

Overall, Umbraco 8 will give you a faster experience both when creating, extending, updating, browsing and editing websites. And it will make your work with Umbraco more straightforward and fun.


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