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Umbraco MVP Nurhak Kaya joins Wattle

We wish a warm welcome to Nurhak Kaya, a well known and respected member of the global Umbraco community and two time Umbraco MVP, who joins the Wattle development team as Solutions Architect.

We're thrilled to welcome Nurhak Kaya as our new Solution Architect. He brings over 14 years of experience working in the IT industry, with deep expertise in Umbraco and Microsoft technologies over the past decade. Nurhak will help transform our clients' websites leveraging the latest capabilities of the Umbraco CMS and Microsoft products.

Can you tell us about yourself and your role?

I'm Nurhak Kaya, a Solution Architect at Wattle. I have been delivering software applications since 2010. Previously, I have had a chance to work on many different types of projects and used many different tech stacks. Over the past 10+ years, my primary focus has been delivering Umbraco websites. As a Solution Architect, I work closely with my colleagues and clients. My responsibilities include successfully designing and delivering new technology solutions that align with our client’s business needs and filling in the communication gap between technical and non-technical experts involved in our projects.

Image: Nurhak Kaya, Solutions Architech at Wattle
You have impressive Umbraco credentials and are a two time Umbraco MVP. Tell us about your Umbraco journey?

I’ve been working with Umbraco since 2014 and, during this time, have worked with many versions of Umbraco. As I gained more experience, I started to share my knowledge with other people by answering their questions on multiple platforms, writing technical articles about complex problems and solutions to them, attending Umbraco events as an attendee as well as a speaker, organising events, and working on Umbraco CMS source code. Contributing to Umbraco CMS and related open-source projects led me to learn more about this wonderful platform as well as create strong connections within the Umbraco community, which in return helped me get my first Umbraco MVP award in 2022 and my second one in 2023. I am working hard to become an Umbraco MVP once more in 2024. 🤞

Apart from being an active Umbraco Community member, I also work closely with Umbraco HQ on the Umbraco CMS Community Team, where I help shape Umbraco products and roadmap.

Beyond my client work, I love taking on new challenges to improve my technical and management skills. Quite often, I do challenges like 30 Days of Code, and 100 Days of Code challenges, spending 1-2 hours each day for 30 or 100 days working on coding projects outside of work.

What projects most excite you?

We work with many fantastic membership organisations, and I'm keen to upgrade and migrate our old client websites to leverage Umbraco's latest performance, security and scalability features. I look forward to collaborating with technical and delivery teams on this. I am also excited about sharing new features and the latest advancements in our MemEx projects and working towards creating high-performance, cost-effective and secure web solutions for our clients. 

When not coding, how do you like to unwind?

I'm a martial arts enthusiast and a Wado Ryu Karate brown belt. Martial arts are great for staying fit as well as switching focus and unwinding. I also love learning new languages and travelling to new places with my family when possible.


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