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Team Spotlight:

Steph Liddington
Account Manager

Steph joined Wattle in 2023 as an Account Manager; she is responsible for managing client relationships, enabling us to work in a strategic manner with our clients, and ensuring they have a smooth journey with us.

Hello Steph!

Steph Liddington joined the Wattle team in 2023 as an Account Manager, bringing over 10 years of experience managing key client relationships. In her role, Steph oversees the accounts of our clients, working closely with them to understand their business needs and ensure we are strategically aligned. She facilitates clear communication and manages expectations on both sides, enabling the smooth delivery of projects. With her consultative approach, Steph has quickly become an invaluable partner to her clients at Wattle.

Img Steph Liddington, Account Manager Wattle
  • Tell us about yourself and your role?

My name is Stephanie Liddington (Steph), and I am the Account Manager at Wattle. I started in June and have been here for six months. In my role I manage our relationships with clients – or partners as I like to call them. I’m an advocate within Wattle for our clients and vice versa for Wattle when talking to clients. I aim to ensure projects and other services progress in a successful manner for them and our team here at Wattle.

  • What's your background and experience? 

I began my career in sales, specifically repeat business sales, where I would take orders from regular clients and build relationships. I then moved into new business development, attending international trade shows in the pet industry. I preferred the relationship aspect more than the sales side, so I transitioned into account management and account growth roles.

I spent six years at a web agency managing accounts and digital solutions for accountancy firms. I ensured everything ran smoothly for clients through regular client meetings. I then worked at a smaller company within a more hybrid account management role, where I focused on a clients full lifecycle, meaning I was involved in project management, CRM, and other areas. I worked with local authorities serving vulnerable groups and some larger e-commerce clients.

  • What do you love most about your role at Wattle?

I enjoy making a positive difference for our clients. During my first month on the job, I surveyed client satisfaction with Wattle across the board, and leveraged those results to start building personalised client development plans aimed at achieving their specific goals. I also appreciate seeing tangible outcomes from my work, like seeing the positive impact our work has for our clients. And I love collaborating with my team. My favourite Wattle moment so far was attending the MemberWise Membership Excellence Conference, where I enjoyed meeting and speaking with existing and prospective MemEx clients.

  • How has your personal life intersected with your professional life?

Staying active with walks with my dog and the gym keeps me focused, otherwise, I am always busy with my kids, they ensure I switch off from work. Making time for healthy personal routines allows me to manage stress and contribute positively on the job.

  • What do you see as the top challenges in the membership sector? 

The ability to measure membership engagement levels.

Having the data to understand how to add member value.

The common challenge of dealing with complex and disparate systems and multiple suppliers.

  • In your role, how can you help meet these challenges? 

As an Account Manager at Wattle, I help clients ensure they are getting the most out of MemEx – our membership experience platform – and any related services. My role is to ensure clients talk to our experts regularly, to inform their wider digital strategy and roadmap, and leverage MemEx to accelerate member acquisition, drive deeper member engagement, and demonstrate clear gains in member value. Working in partnership with each client I agree a success statement, with an associated set of bespoke objectives, and then work towards successfully achieving those outcomes.

  • What's on the horizon from a MemEx perspective that will help our membership clients up their game?

Personally, I am really excited by the potential of the latest release of our SaaS MemEx Member Portal. Over and above the standard member self-service you would expect to find, the Portal introduces our clients’ members to a whole new digital world where they can message each other, build their own networks, and engage in special interest groups to share expertise and help influence wider policy.

  • And finally, when you're not working at Wattle, what do you get up to in your spare time?

I go to the gym regularly and take my puppy Winston on long, weekend walks in the countryside. I’m also a bit of a thrill seeker. I love a trip to theme parks and going on the largest rollercoasters they have. Beyond that, I have two cats, multiple fish, and my two kids to keep me very busy!


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