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new memex ux enhancements for llg

New enhancements to LLG’s MemEx platform, across Dynamics 365 and Umbraco CMS, enable improved targeting of student members and the launch of their Inspire training and mentoring program for all members.

Lawyers in Local Government (LLG), a professional membership community of 4,500 lawyers and governance officers from local authorities, went live on Wattle’s MemEx platform back in early 2021. Since then, the combined LLG and Wattle team have been engaged in a programme of ongoing development to ensure the organisations MemEx platform continues to evolve – and that included LLG’s transformational Inspire Program.

Inspire Program

LLG’s Inspire Program, a new paid-for online training program accessed via their MemEx Member Portal, consists of seven modules, designed to equip members with the relevant soft skills for a senior career in law. Course content ranges from leadership, governance, and finance through to team management, conflict resolution, and personal development. 

MemEx Inspire Enhancements

From a MemEx platform perspective the aim was to enable LLG members to book, take part in, and complete various Inspire Program modules within the Umbraco CMS website front-end. The program also required changes to LLG’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) CRM system, another component of our wider MemEx platform, with which their Umbraco CMS seamlessly integrates.

We configured new Inspire event and member types as entities in D365. These new CRM entities enable LLG to set up and manage Inspire events directly within D365 and swiftly publish them to their Umbraco CMS where pre-recorded video content is then available, in line with Inspire modules, for consumption behind a pay wall.

Complete Control for Content Editors

The beauty of this combined D365 and Umbraco CMS solution is that LLG content editors can now fully control and curate what's inside the Inspire program. They can paste video links from Vimeo, enabling participants who have booked onto the program to access their MemEx Member Portal to view and engage with the modules.

A green tick appears once a module is completed, creating a visual progress tracker. The most user-friendly feature for LLG members is the ability to pause midway through a module, retaining your progress even if you log out or refresh the web page.

A Data-Centric Approach

The Wattle team also ensured that LLG can view valuable insights from the Inspire Program attendance. The data from video engagements is captured within D365, enabling LLG to observe patterns such as how many members complete each module, and at what point participants typically drop off.  This ensures LLG can refine and enhance content based on these member behaviours and preferences.

A New Chapter for LLG Vacancies

As part of the project the Wattle team also enhanced the vacancies page of the LLG Umbraco CMS website. Members of LLG can log in and post vacancies, which users can browse and apply for. We added a new feature that targets students about to graduate. This new category enables students to easily find vacancies that suit their level of experience, ultimately making the job search process smoother.

Project Success

We're delighted to have made these additions to the LLG MemEx platform and are excited to see a hugely positive impact on member engagement and student member acquisition. We look forward to further contributing to the ongoing evolution of their MemEx platform as we continue collaborating with LLG.


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