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New Digital Experience Enhancements for the Royal Academy of Engineering

New enhancements to the Academy’s MemEx platform, across Umbraco CMS and Dynamics 365, enable improved digital experiences for the Academy's newly launched Awardee Excellence Community.

The Royal Academy of Engineering, the UK's national academy of engineering, went live on Wattle’s MemEx Web and Member Portal platform, which was integrated into their incumbent Dynamics 365 (D365) CRM, back in mid-2022. Since then, the combined Academy and Wattle team have been engaged in a programme of ongoing development to ensure the organisations MemEx platform continues to evolve – and that included the Academy’s Awardee Excellence Community.

Awardee Excellence Community

The newly launched Awardee Excellence Community brings together Academy awardees, via specific grant programmes, from all career stages and disciplines to share their expertise, collaborate, and contribute new perspectives to the Academy’s work.

Previously, Awardees were manually identified within the Academy’s D365. The process was time-consuming, lacked sufficient data fields, and offered limited online functionality to Awardees. The Academy required a more streamlined and automated process for member identification, coupled with enhanced functionality within their MemEx Member Portal to improve the digital experience.

Digital Experience Enhancements

We set out to create a digital environment that fosters collaboration, enhances Awardee visibility, and enables seamless Awardee identification. The project began with a well-defined strategy, introducing additional D365 and MemEx Member Portal functionality to bolster the Academy's community processes.

Our solution aimed to automate the identification of Awardees, store specific data against Awardee contact records, and enhance portal visibility and functionality for Awardees. We developed enhancements that automatically flag any contacts associated with a suitable grant programme as an Awardee within D365. 

This critical step eliminated the need for manual identification, streamlining the process and reducing the potential for human error. Next, we added capabilities for Awardee specific data to be stored against Awardee contact records within D365. This data-rich environment enabled the Academy to gain deeper insights into their Awardees, aiding decision-making and engagement initiatives.

On the MemEx Member Portal front, we made Awardee Excellence Community involvement more visible to all Portal users and also rolled out additional portal functionalities, further enhancing the digital experience for Awardees.

Project Success

We're delighted to have made these enhancements to the Academy's MemEx platform and are excited to see a hugely positive impact on Awardee Excellence Community engagement. We look forward to further contributing to the ongoing evolution of the Academy's MemEx platform, and integrated D365, as we continue our partnership.


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