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MemberWise Session - Next Generation Online Member Portals

Learn more about the 5 key takeaways from our recent session at the MemberWise Membership Solutions Day, where we discussed how member portals help super charge member engagement levels. 

As part of our ongoing partnership with MemberWise, we took to the stage at their recent Membership Solutions Day in London to discuss the future of online member portals, and shared insights about how portal technology can be utilised to elevate the membership experience and increase member engagement. 

Our Chief Executive Officer, David Abraham, revealed the theory, practice, and technology behind the latest release of our MemEx Member Portal, part of the wider MemEx platform, and highlighted the importance of:

  • Transforming your online relationships with members from transactional to transformational.
  • Effectively embracing the full capabilities of online member self-service.
  • Building thriving and fully engaged member communities.
  • Delivering truly personalised member journeys and experiences.
  • Building automated online membership upgrade and qualification / certification models.

To follow are the 5 key takeaways from the session.

Prioritise creating engaging Member Experiences

To increase member engagement, membership organisations should incorporate habit-forming portal features such as education and training programs, events, social engagement, and member-to-member network building.

Empower Members with innovative Self-Service

Membership management software should include a member portal that enables users to manage their public profiles, comms preferences, book events or courses, and make payments for membership upgrades and renewals, fostering a sense of control and ownership. 

Enable Members to build their own Communities

To compete with platforms like LinkedIn, membership organisations should provide unique benefits like enabling members to announce training, accreditation, and exam achievements to gain professional validation from fellow members - just like they can on LinkedIn. The focus should be on generating engagement between members.

Encourage Networking and Interactions

Enhance the member experience by providing member-to-member messaging and social sharing within your member community. This enables members to create professional networks and engage directly with other members on your platform – not on LinkedIn.

Deliver personalised Member Offers

Leverage your existing systems, including CRM and website, to track member activity and build a picture of what interests them. Using that intelligence make personalised offers to members for events, courses, exams, and products related to those interests and increases up and cross-sell member revenues.  

Creating engaging and empowering membership experiences are essential for membership organisations looking to succeed in today's competitive landscape. By incorporating habit-forming features, offering unique value, providing user-friendly self-service, fostering networking opportunities, and maintaining data ownership, you can transform your member relationships from transactional to transformational.

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