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IOE select Wattle for New CRM, Website and Member Portal

The Institute of Export & International Trade (IOE), the professional membership body representing and supporting the interests of everyone involved across the supply chain of international trade, has selected Wattle to deliver its new seamlessly integrated website, CRM and member portal.

Wattle will form a strategic technology partnership with the IOE and, over the next year, implement a comprehensive set of integrated solutions based on its flagship membership experience platform, MemEx.

In line with their ambitious 5-year strategy, to be a leading stakeholder and partner in delivering an export-led recovery, the Institute is in the midst of a large transformational programme to implement a joined-up, digital-first strategy, rethinking from scratch the way the IOE presents itself to the world.

Core components of this programme are as follows:

  • Build a strong respected Institute brand.
  • Move towards truly digital learning.
  • Offer individual membership centred on a strong CPD programme.
  • Offer organisational membership centred on advocacy and providing professional capabilities.
  • Set and certify professional standards.
  • Use strategic partnerships to extend customer and market reach.

As part of this transformation the Institute are looking to replace their existing YourMembership CRM, Website and Portal.

In order to help realise these ambitions Wattle propose the deployment of our seamlessly integrated Membership Experience Platform, MemEx, specifically designed to address the needs of membership organisations, to meet the Institutes website, member portal and CRM requirements.

MemEx will act as a comprehensive baseline functionality framework for the IOE’s new platform and, through defined processes of discovery and gap / fit analysis, be configured to the Institute’s requirements, integrated with relevant incumbent systems, and deployed into the organisation in a phased manner.

Dynamics 365

The globally scalable D365 CRM system, with related MemEx Membership Accelerators, will be deployed to enable the efficient and effective end to end management of all members and stakeholders. Key business processes across training, qualifications, events, and consultancy provision will be seamlessly automated securing significant efficiency gains and cutting edge CPD management. Integration with third-party solutions, like MailChimp, SAGE, and Canvas, will enable the Institute to secure a genuine 360°-member view and make data-driven decisions.

Umbraco CMS

Umbraco, with related MemEx Membership Accelerators, will be leveraged to development a dynamic, modern, and flexible digital presence for the Institute maximising member acquisition and delivering cutting-edge personalised self-service for existing members via a dedicated Member Portal. Umbraco’s user-friendly back office will ensure IOE content editors are able to swiftly develop pages, templates and microsites, tag content for member level personalisation and build surveys and polls with ease.

We look forward to sharing future updates about projects with the IOE. To learn more about how Wattle can support your membership or charitable organisation, contact our expert team today.


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