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Demystifying Digital Technology for Membership

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We were delighted to join forces with MemberWise once again and deliver a free webcast aimed at demystifying digital technology for membership organisations. This in-depth session explored the key challenges and practical steps for integrating the core digital systems that power membership organisations.

Only 12% of membership organisations achieve full integration between their website CMS and membership CRM, which indicates that many associations need help. Our webcast examines the factors contributing to this lack of integration and outlines actionable strategies for moving towards a more connected digital ecosystem.

key topics

  • Defining the leading technology stacks and frameworks for building compatible, integrated websites, CRM systems, and member portals.
  • Understanding the ideal mix of technology partners and skill sets needed to develop and maintain these systems.
  • Recognising how a well-integrated digital landscape improves overall functionality and member experience.

Senior membership and association professionals can make more informed decisions, and drive meaningful change in their membership organisations, by better understanding the technologies and suppliers involved in digital systems integration.

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