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Boost Member Engagement with WhatsApp4Dynamics

Communication is at the heart of any successful membership organisation. And in the world of CRM, where member engagement is key, effective communication tools are vital. Historically, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM users relied heavily on email as their go-to channel. But as we adapt to an ever-evolving digital landscape, there's an increasing demand for more immediate and efficient communication methods. Enter WhatsApp.

Why the shift to WhatsApp?

WhatsApp isn't just another messaging app; it's a powerful communication channel that enables businesses to instantly connect with their members and nurture prospects on a global scale. The pitfalls of email communication are well-documented, often leading to delays and cluttered inboxes.

On the contrary, WhatsApp offers real-time communication. Yet, manually sending a WhatsApp message to every CRM contact takes time. Even more so is exporting contacts from Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and importing them into WhatsApp.

There's a clear need for a solution to bridge this gap, and that's where WhatsApp4Dynamics shines.

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Introducing WhatsApp4Dynamics

Designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, WhatsApp4Dynamics is a cutting-edge productivity app. It's the perfect tool for users wanting to leverage the power of WhatsApp without leaving the familiar CRM environment. This app is a boon for sales, services, and marketing teams. It offers:

  • Seamless communication with members, prospects, and business partners worldwide.
  • The ability to reach members promptly and effectively.
  • A shift from extensive, descriptive emails to brief, informative messages.

Key Benefits

  • Unified Messaging: Say goodbye to disjointed communication threads. With WhatsApp4Dynamics, get a consolidated history of WhatsApp chats directly on CRM for every record.
  • Real-time Updates: Be in the loop with instant updates on incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages.
  • One-click CRM Record Creation: Directly create CRM records from WhatsApp messages.
  • Event-triggered Messaging: Schedule WhatsApp messages based on specific CRM events and actions, automating your communication process.

Take CRM Communication to the Next Level

WhatsApp4Dynamics is more than just a messaging tool; it's an integration marvel.

By connecting WhatsApp Business Account with Dynamics 365, users can:

  • Send and receive messages directly within the Dynamics 365 interface.
  • Streamline communication processes and elevate member engagement levels.
  • Utilise automation to send trigger messages based on specific CRM actions.
  • Synchronise CRM data with WhatsApp Business, granting access to enriched customer information and context-driven conversations.

In essence, WhatsApp4Dynamics is an invaluable asset for Dynamics 365 users, unlocking the unparalleled communication tools of WhatsApp within their CRM workflows.

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At Wattle, our D365 team is always on the lookout for groundbreaking solutions that add value for our clients. With WhatsApp4Dynamics, we truly believe we've found a game-changer for your CRM communication needs.


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