Customer Relationship Management in travel

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a tour operator

Nonstop required a fully integrated line of business application capable of managing both their post- and pre-sales operations across the UK and Canada. Microsoft dynamics CRM was the perfect solution, and Wattle had the industry knowledge and technical expertise to deliver.

Key Deliverables

Seamless web integration

activity, leads and bookings

Integrated online surveys

customer and travel surveys

Process automation

automated marketing

Booking process management

fully integrated bookings

Customer lifecycle management

As a travel business you need the opportunity to interact with your prospective customers at every stage of the buying lifecycle, Wattle helped Nonstop create a series of customer journeys that nurtures online leads through the process of conversion into a full booking. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the perfect platform the help both the sales and marketing team engage with prospective clients and visualise where they sit within the buying cycle ensuring that you never miss an opportunity.

Business Process Automation

Providing users with the tools that they need to handle new business enquiries and bookings is an important aspect of any CRM system but identifying areas that the system can improve user productivity is another key consideration, Nonstop take full advantage of workflow automation, business process visualisation and the extensible plugin system to automate areas of their business significantly improving end user productivity.

Reporting and analytics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM providers an extensive reporting and query feature enabling business decision makers within Nonstop to visualise their data and make key decisions about their sales and marketing strategy, dashboards and list views enable all users to benefit from an intuitive method of accessing the data that is important to their job roles.

Integrated Website

Wattle worked closely with Nonstop to develop a tightly integrated website, activity and user engagement is directly passed back to CRM enabling the sales team to understand how a contact is interacting with the business online. The operations side of the business benefit from integrated forms and surveys that directly improve productivity when collecting key data such as travel and insurance information.

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