299 Lighting

Creative Umbraco Website Design & Strategic Branding

299 Lighting are specialists in commercial lighting design. With a focus on creativity and first class service, 299 Lighting are a progressive company that work with an excellent range of product manufacturers, including their own brand of lighting solutions. When 299 Lighting were looking to penetrate international markets with their product range and to improve their creative presence and branding, they decided to work with Wattle.

Key Deliverables

Analysis & Research

Workshop sessions & Research

Responsive Website Design

Mobile and tablet design

Creative Website Design & Branding

Branding and creative

Bespoke Development

products and filters

Business Analysis

Firmly believing that the best results would be obtained by a true understanding of this complex market Wattle approached the project with its normal analytically driven process. Through a two day workshop session conducted at the Wattle studios 299 Lighting educated our team on their range of products and their sales and marketing strategy, we were able to obtain an understanding of the complexities involved in their projects and to identify where the challenges were in communicating their core values to their target audience.

Creative Design & Branding

As 299 Lighting is a creative business the creative process was a pleasure, we conducted a phase of competitive analysis clearly determining how the business wanted its target market to perceive their brand, this enabled our creative designers to develop a branding strategy that was on message and reflected the modern approach that 299 required. Leveraging the brand direction we were able to develop a web presence that tackled the core issues that the business faced.

Bespoke Product Management

In order to ensure that 299 had a system flexible enough to cope with their complex product configurations we extended Umbraco to provide a comprehensively fully featured product management facility with real time filtering on the front end that enabled users to quickly locate and find products.

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