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Webinar - Technology Strategy and a 360° Member View

Digital transformation continues to be a major priority for membership organisations. Members are becoming increasingly digitally savvy and expect a more personalised membership experience. In this webinar we discuss how to define a successful and future-proof technology strategy to ensure digital transformation success, and how to achieve the membership holy grail of a 360° view of your Members and organisational data.

Key Webinar Takeaways

In this webinar we discuss:

  • How to achieve a 360° view of your Members.
  • How to achieve a single source of data truth across your membership organisation.
  • Why selecting a single technology stack, and a single technology supplier, gives you the best chance of digital transformation success.
  • The technology stacks available to you and how they differ – Microsoft .NET, MEAN, LAMP and ROR.
  • How to ensure your Website, Member Portal and CRM form a single seamlessly integrated platform.
  • Why enabling individual departments to specify technology solutions will endanger your digital journey.
  • Why your self-service Member Portal should form part of your Website, not your CRM system.
  • How retaining legacy systems is expensive and can act as a blocker to that single source of data truth.
  • Why maintaining systems from multiple technology stacks, and suppliers, drives up the long-term costs of your technology.
  • How maintaining systems from multiple technology stacks harms your ability to deliver outstanding online member experiences and drive improvements in membership engagement.

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